This is a private blog, for family  & friends only. This is where we share our worlds with each other, across the oceans. This blog has no commercial purpose or value in any way whatsoever, but it does have a lot of emotional value for all of us.

This blog is being regularly updated, and will soon include lots and lots of resources, on the ‘how to’s of most, if not all, aspects of BDSM. We are in the process of compiling lots of information, which will soon be added to these pages. The video content is just a fraction of what this blog is really about.

Sometimes, few BDSM Clips and Videos are also shared and discussed here, between us. The purpose of these videos here, is not really a pornographic one. The purpose basically is to study, observe, learn and share the safe and correct way of doing the things we like to do.

Most, if not all, of the videos are either personally owned by one or the other of the contributors, or from the public domain to the best of our knowledge. We do not claim any copyright to anything. Much of the the info & links are just as we found them on free sites or forums, so all credit goes to the orignal producers, owners, uploaders etc. with a big thanks for sharing with us.

We would specially like thank the producers, whose videos we include, for their brilliant work, and most importantly for promoting the “Consensual & Safe” theme in all their videos, and including the pre-shoot and the after-shoot interviews with the performers, that give an insight into the mindset and the needs of girls before, during and after a scene.

We also encourage all those who view and learn from these videos, to go right ahead and join those producer’s sites and support them because they do it the right way with full care and respect for the women, unlike many others.

Last, but not the least, we thank wordpress.com & automattic.com for providing us a free platform through their blogging community for talking about whatever we wish to talk about, and we will do our level best to use this freedom in the most responsible manner.

This blog is our home on the internet. It has no commercial purpose, whatsoever.

Love & Peace

The BDSMSisters






We are not here for any financial purpose, and certainly not here to make anyone unhappy. We, in fact, do our best to promote the websites, producers, directors and artists who actually create art, not porn, and promote the consensual & safe theme through their videos. We encourage our readers to support these good people by buying their videos and to encourage others to do so as well.

Still, we are only humans, and make mistakes. If you feel we made one, please write to us in a polite way and we will correct it as soon as possible.

Most of the videos & pictures posted on this blog are from the public domain to the best of our knowledge, and their purpose on this blog is simply an educative one. If there is anything you see that is copyrighted by you and you wish it to be removed, please simply inform us and we will remove it, and it will not be used in the future.

Nothing is stored on the thebdsmsisters.wordpress.com servers and we are not the uploaders of the photo or video content on other servers either. We have just indexed a few links from the free forums and boards for our private use only. Neither do we claim any copyright or credit for any them, nor can we be held responsible for any of those uploads or what they contain. All copyrights lay with the copyright holders.

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