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Thanks for taking the time for writing a few words in our guest book! We will love to hear what you think of our blog, what you like in here and what you don’t like in here.

Love & Peace

The BDSMSisters

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11 Responses to “Guest Book”

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Wondeful blog, sensible, sensitive and friendly.
Great films and nice presentation. Thanks a lot.
Love and peace too for Rosalynn (Aka and Cocomink.

Hi, i have a problem, every time i download one of ur films and try to unrar it i only get an error where it says that the archiv is damaged. I also re-downloaded several films but it is always the same error. Could u please help me.

P.S. i realy glad to have found such an interesting site so i look realy forward for u helping me

sincc. Kim

Oh. Now i found the Guestbook. Nice One.
I think i got the old page…. sorry :-)…
Awesome site. Nice people an best vids…
thanks for this great work.

greetz m0n5t3r

Dear Neptune & M0n5t3r

MUCH thanks for your kind words! THIS makes us TRULY happy when we meet good people like you and make friends and when friends enjoy what we share. 🙂

Hopefully soon you will get an invitation for a private forum. 😉

Lots of love & wishes
Maya & Rosalynn

Dear Kim

Sorry to hear you are having problems! 😦
Since no one else is having any such problems so it has to be something local on your end. Please give us more details? You are on Windows or Linux ? What software do you use to un-rar the archives? What exactly do you do and what exactly is the error you get?

EDIT ( September 2, 2007):

Maybe you are not joining the files before unzipping?

1. Please put all files ending with .001, .002 and so on in one folder.
2. Now join with HJSplit. HJSplit is freeware and you can get a clean copy here.
3. You will now get a .rar archive file. This you un-rar with winrar or winzip or other similiar program.

If you need winrar corporate edition you can get our copy from rapidshare here. Please note that this is NOT hacked or cracked software. It is an orignal copy of the corporate edition. We have placed it in a .zip archive so you can open with your (any)operating system only.

We do think this will solve your problem, if not then we are here to help 🙂 . Please dont forget to update us.

With Love & Wishes
-Maya & Rosalynn

BDSM Sisters,

Phenomenal site.

I have no problem downloading your pictures or the smaller WMV player clips.

But when I get the links to the larger movies, most seem in the format of a Hayes file. I’ve tried downloading them as Hayes files, ALL files, Hayes files and changing the extension and I keep having problems.

Most of the time I get the message:

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support the file type or might not support the codec that was used to compress the file.

When they DO play, you just have to let them run. You can’t click to later parts of the video.

Any help that anyone might be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

– Joe

My dear, sweet, beautiful BDSM Sisters,

I found a major solution to my problem in your posting to Kim:

1. Please put all files ending with .001, .002 and so on in one folder.
2. Now join with HJSplit. HJSplit is freeware and you can get a clean copy here.
3. You will now get a .rar archive file. This you un-rar with winrar or winzip or other similiar program.

I followed these instructions and no longer have any problems. At least from your site. Your phenomenal, amazing site.

Thank you for just existing and for all of your amazing links.

– Joe

this is a very nice blog! In fact it is the best one I have found in the i-net so far!
Please keep it going.
The layout is very nice and I like the structure of the page.
Greez Karna

Wow, thankyou very much for providing such a frequently updated, helpful and friendly site! I especially appreciated the flowers in the RAR file 🙂

Have a nice day

J & D

Hi there Joe!

Sure every word reaches us! Thanks for writing in!
Just answered you on the backup blog as well. 😉

None of our file is in the format you mentioned. All files are either WMV, RM or AVI. The AVIs are using mostly DivX codec for video and AC3 or MP2 for audio.

The files ending with .001, .002 etc. you put them all in the same folder and join with HJSplit. You can get it here.

The resulting .rar archive you un-rar for the complete video with WinRAR. You can get our copy (Corporate edition) here.

Or get our complete TOOL KIT which has clean copies of the required codecs, lots of more tools, video format converters, VCD, DVD makers etc.

Everything is seperately packed, please take what you need. The details and links to out tools you can get here. We have added to this, links to a few GBs of videos for you to try out the tools and have fun. Enjoy!

This should be the end of your problems. 🙂

With Love,
Maya & Rosalynn
The BDSMSisters

Dear Karna, J & D and Joe

You people just made our day! 🙂
Thanks a whole big bunch!

J & D glad you noticed the flowers!! That brings joy to the heart! 🙂

Thankyou so much for taking the time for interacting with us! The whole point of sharing is to make nice new friends. 🙂

Many new videos coming up today!

With Love,
Rosalynn & Maya

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