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Thankyou for visiting our blog. We hope you are having fun. 🙂

If there is a video that you are looking for and cannot find it, please write your video request here and if we have or find links for it posted in one of the free sites or forums, we will surely post it for you !

Love & Peace

The BDSMSisters

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21 Responses to “Request A Video”

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Is it possible you can upload the DeviceBondage video of Stacy Stax – A Healing Art?

I’ll become a loyal reader 🙂

Great Blog!
I hope it grow and that they come added to many other video.
I search all video of Sasha Gray.
Peace & Love

Dear M.Barr

Welcome to our little home in cyber space. 🙂

Sure it is possible! We have uploaded it for you, and it is available here

With Love
-The BDSMSisters

Dear Dr Loki

A very warm welcome to you also! 🙂
Please give us some more clues to website or an update number, and if we have it, we will upload for you also ASAP.

With Love
-The BDSMSisters

I find this performances (4467,4268,4265), but Sasha Gray have 3 others performances.
The videos of serie “The training of O” are much instructive.

Peace & much much Love
in any position 😉

Very nice Work !
Can you please post
July 24th, 2007: Victoria Sin from Hogtied ?
I always come back !

Hello Juergen

Welcome in here!

Please give us a few days, as some money minded people are now trying to put a blanket on our blog. If things dont work out, we will send you an email to invite you to a place where we have some freedom of speech.

Edit (August 13, 2007) : It was nothing more than maybe a misunderstanding or a mistake. Your video coming up soon dear friend! 🙂
Love and Peace
-Maya & Rosalynn

Hello there, I love what you have here, however I am finding a difficulty with one thing and require your help if possible.

Where do I find the password to unzip the .rar files? Would love to get them all but for now it’s the Sarah Jane Ceylon ones that I want to have. I have looked and looked and unless I’m blind which at five in the morning is possible I can’t find it.

Keep up the good work!!

Can Upload One Cartoon BDSM oR bondage For Me ?

Dear Sciurus

NONE of our files are password protected. We dont like to play those password games like kids. It will just unrar WITHOUT a password! 🙂

Love & Peace

Maya & Rosalynn
The BDSMSisters

Dear BDSMlover

We will try to find a hentai (cartoon ) bondage movie for you and will soon post it for you. 🙂

We mostly post BDSM/Bondage/Fetish videos, if there is any video you are looking for please tell us and we will try to include it in future posts.

Love & Peace

Maya & Rosalynn
The BDSMSisters

Thankyou for your comment, it truly is appreciated, I just don’t understand why on the first of the Sarah Jane Ceylon in Training of O keeps asking for the password. That is confusing and I wonder if it’s because I am on linux as a posed to windows? I will have to try and get a hard drive and knock on windows on it and see. The other thing on linux is that after that file the rest of the other files on day one don’t download as rar more binary than rar. Hmmm look’s like I need to sort this out. But thank you for replying it is appreciated. Thanks

Can Upload More Movie From Sara Scott .
I Find This Blog Full of Toon Movie !


EDIT by Admin: Link deleted. The website had links to adult cartoon movies with minors. We are STRONGLY against such content. Please do not mind dear friend! 🙂

Dear Sciurus

MUCH thanks for your feedback. 🙂
We have many personal friends on Linux and they have no problems. Something seems to be going wrong for you locally. We are not so good at Linux. Dont know what to do to help you out! 😦
With Love
-Maya & Rosalynn

EDIT ( September 2, 2007):

Maybe you are not joining the files before unzipping?

1. Please put all files ending with .001, .002 and so on in one folder.
2. Now join with HJSplit. HJSplit is freeware and you can get a clean copy for any Operating System here.
3. You will now get a .rar archive file. This you un-rar with winrar or winzip or other similiar program.

If you need winrar corporate edition you can get our copy from rapidshare here but this is for the windows operating system. Please note that this is NOT hacked or cracked software. It is an orignal copy of the corporate edition. We have placed it in a .zip archive so you can open with your (any)operating system only.

We will try finding you a Winrar corporate for Linux. We do think HJSplit will solve your problem though, if not then we are here to help 🙂 . Please dont forget to update us.

Dear BDSMlover

We are glad that you found some hentai movies for yourself! We will include more Sara Scott in the future posts. 🙂
We have not been updating for the last two weeks, and now will try to cover up. 😉

With Love
-Maya & Rosalynn


I am looking for a very early Sex and Submission clip with Mark Davis, Kaiya Lynn and Annie Cruz. The pictures and small clips that I’ve seen are amazing and I’d like to see it in its entirety.

Thank you for your consideration.

– Joe

Dear Joe,

Can you tell us the update/production number? That would make it a whloe lot easier to find. We should be having it for sure.

Love & Peace
-Maya & Rosalynn


Regarding the clip that I am looking for – – here is what is on the Sex and Submission site regarding the clip:

Mark Davis, Kaiya Lynn, Annie Cruz
August 19th, 2005
294 pictures29 video clips56 streaming mins
Kaiya Lynn and Annie Cruz are two beautiful Asian submissives who get tied up and fucked by Mark Davis. In handcuffs, they are first told to spank and lick ass. Then, both are properly bound, clamped, flogged, choked and suck cock. Lots of hard fucking while in tight bondage follows, including anal sex. Both girls really got off and enjoyed their new kinky experience. This shoot is long and packed with erotic material!

I have also seen that the clip is featured on a DVD . I believe that the DVD is “Sex and Submission 11”.

Another thing that may or may not help – on the pictures have I saved there is the number 3156 preceding the number of each shot. Don’t know if this will help or not.

Your site is so amazing that I’ve gone over my rapidshare limit!

Thanks again for looking.

– Joe

Hey BDSM Sisters,

After a little more research, I am fairly certain that the production number of the Sex and Submission clip that I’m looking for is 3156.

Hope you have it.

Enjoying your site immensely.

– Joe

any chance to upload video from dominicwolfe ??

dear ladies,
Just thought I would say thank you for all your efforts! 🙂

EDITED by The BDSMSisters on October 1, 2007.
Thanks for your kind words dear friend!
The rest, personally.

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